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The Hidden Reality of Aspiring Wellness Entrepreneurs

While the world is slowly beginning to recognize the potential of the wellness industry, countless aspiring entrepreneurs are quietly grappling with these hidden challenges:

Striving to balance their family life and professional commitments, many mothers feel emotionally torn and overwhelmed, feeling that they must choose one over the other.

Women often undervalue their skills and qualifications, believing themselves unfit to take charge of their destiny in the wellness sector.

Lacking accurate guidance and reliable strategies to navigate the competitive industry, many women lose their way and miss out on their true potential.

After sacrificing their professional aspirations for their families, countless women experience a lingering sense of dissatisfaction and longing for more.

What to expect from this programme

“I am Ramapriya, came for weight gain and successfully gained 5kgs muscle. I found satisfaction and a good lifestyle so joined as a Wellness Coach, In the process My mentor Satish Reddy sir trained me on how to guide people in health habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Now I help many friends, relatives and unknown people. I am enjoying great health & lifestyle with my daughters, and husband and taking care my in-laws and parents, I travelled 14 times abroad and seen many places. Thank you very much Satish sir for your guidance and support.”


“Hi My name is Saritha, As a wellness coach I was trained by Mr. Satish Reddy since 5 years, Now I am helping people in different cities, towns, and villages. My business is in 5 cities and I am earning a decent income and enjoying nice lifestyle along with my kids and husband.”


“Hi, I am Vijaya Srinivas Before as a housewife I was not giving time for my body and suffering from health challenges. Now as a businesswoman, I am happy in the area of health and wealth ,,,, As a housewife, I did not know about Time and Money management, My coach Satish sir helped me to learn and develop myself in different areas of life. Now I developed from a Housewife to a businesswoman and receive a very good income, vacations, and lifestyle, Thanks to God and my coach.”

-Vijaya Srinivas

“Hi I am Sangeetha , Senior Wellness coach , As normal housewife I was suffering with migraine ,muscle cramps , over weight and low energy,,, I lost 15kgs and got recognition . As house wife there was no recognition for me . When I became a Business Women there are many recognitions . I am balancing everything along with 3 grown up children, My husband supports me with new ideas . Now I am leading amazing life of good Health and happiness . Thankyou very much”


Disclaimer: These results are not typical; individual results may vary from person to person.

How the programme works

Health, Wellness, Growth, Fame & Service is all in your hands!!

Attention, ambitious and caring mothers committed to family wellness: are you tired of feeling trapped within the walls of your home, watching others achieve their dreams while you struggle to make ends meet?

Picture this – You wake up every morning, feeling in control of your life as you make a profound impact on thousands of families just like yours, improving their health and well-being while creating a lifestyle that provides your family with true financial independence.

Imagine joining the fast-growing tribe of women shattering glass ceilings, breaking barriers, and stepping into an exciting world of innovation that offers you the perfect work-life balance without having to sacrifice time with your loved ones.

Introducing the Wellness Queens of India: Coaching for Creating a 7-Figure Wellness Empire!

we’ll reveal the EXCLUSIVE STRATEGIES that have propelled countless women like you towards a happier, healthier future – by transforming them into  Wellness Entrepreneurs in India!

Here's what to expect:

Don’t let this UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY slip through your fingers! Our spots fill up extremely quickly and are reserved for the most committed, inspired women looking to change lives and make the world a better place.

Are you ready to take the next step towards achieving UNPARALLELED family wellness and financial freedom? 

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Who Will Benefit from the Wellness Queens of India: Coaching for Creating a 7-Figure Wellness Empire?

The Wellness Queens of India: Coaching for Creating a 7-Figure Wellness Empire has been carefully designed to cater to the aspirations, needs, and goals of Indian women seeking to make a difference and achieve success in the wellness sector. Here’s who will find our programme game-changing:

Stay-at-home Mothers

Mothers who have put their career objectives on hold to focus on raising their families will discover a fresh avenue to harness their potential and knowledge in creating a thriving wellness venture, while still prioritizing their loved ones.

Women in Transition

Indian women undergoing significant life changes—including career shifts or preparing to return to work after a break—will find this coaching programme an invaluable source of information, resources, and strategies to bounce back stronger.

Early-stage Wellness Entrepreneurs

Those who have embarked on their wellness entrepreneurial journey but are yet to witness the desired growth will uncover powerful, practical tools to transform and scale their existing businesses effectively.

Aspiring Thought Leaders & Influencers

Indian women seeking to establish themselves as go-to experts and trusted authorities in the wellness industry will learn tactics to create a loyal following and propel their brand to new heights.

Health & Wellness Enthusiasts

Women passionate about health, fitness, and well-being can leverage the coaching programme to transform their passion into a successful career, making a meaningful impact on the lives of fellow Indian families.

Women Hungry for Financial Independence

This coaching programme is perfect for ambitious Indian women who desire to achieve financial freedom, paving their path to personal and professional enrichment.

Our Wellness Queens of India

Coaching for Creating a 7-Figure Wellness Empire is the gateway to a life filled with purpose, success, and empowerment. No matter your background or experience, the programme holds the key to unlocking a world of endless possibilities and financial rewards, all while championing wellness and transforming lives across India.

Are you ready to embrace the journey of a lifetime? Take the leap and reserve your spot today! Together, let’s revolutionize the wellness landscape and create a healthier, happier tomorrow!

Meet the Expert

Introducing Mr. Satish Reddy, your expert wellness coach for diet and lifestyle management. With years of experience and a passion for helping others, Mr. Reddy leads a team of coaches across 12 locations in Hyderabad.

We understand the need for flexibility and financial independence, which is why we offer a unique opportunity. In addition to providing exceptional wellness coaching, we also train individuals to become work-from-home wellness coaches, allowing them to work a few hours a day. 

With our guidance, you can build financial independence while making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Whether you’re looking for personalized online coaching or interested in becoming a work-from-home Wellness coach, Mr. Reddy and our team of dedicated professionals are here to support you every step of the way. 

Let us help you achieve your wellness goals while also empowering you to take control of your financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

This programme is specially built for Stay-at-home mothers, Women in transition, Early Stage wellness entrepreneurs, Aspiring thought leaders & influencers. health & wellness Enthusiasts, Women Hungry for Financial Independence.

Yes, no matter you are beginner or have any prior knowledge in wellness you can benefit from this programme, if you have passion to make others life better.

As mentioned above, you don’t need any prior experience or educational background to attend this programme.

The coaching wll be taught in a mixture of Telugu and English languages

You can definitely do it, if you are wishing to grow faster and make this as a serious career option.

You can avail discounts, and yes you also get referral benefits

If you’re not satisfied with the coaching program within 30 days, we’ll provide a full refund.

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